Back From Finland With The Latest Goaltending Drills

In June 2012 I traveled to Finland to teach and learn at June’s Goaliepro Camp in Helsinki, Finland. As always, I came back with all of the latest goaltending theories and drills that will give any goaltender a competitive edge.

Below are a few photos.

Goaltending Coach Larry Sadler In Finland At Goaliepro Camp.

Larry Sadler chatting with Travis Harrington, in charge of Saskatchewan’s goaltending development at the Goaliepro Camp in Helsinki, Finland – June 2012

Goaltending Coach Larry Sadler At Goaliepro Camp in Finland.

Larry conferring with KHL pro goalie, Bernd Bruckler, at the Goaliepro Camp in Finland – June 2012

Goaltending Coach Larry Sadler In Helsinki, Finland

Finnish national team goalie legend and former Zurich Lions goalie, Ari Sulo Sulander, working with Larry at the Goaliepro Camp in Finland – June 2012

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CBC Asks is Wilson Really to Blame? The Role of Hockey Coaches on a Team’s Performance

CBC Talks to Larry Sadler – Asking Is Wilson Really to Blame?

With each new loss, the Leafs hopes of surviving beyond the regular season fade a bit more. And so do the chances that their coach, Ron Wilson, will be around next season. At Tuesday night’s game at the ACC, fans began loudly chanting Fire Wilson. But how much of a team’s dismal performance can REALLY be pinned on hockey coaches? Larry Sadler is a coaching instructor with Hockey Canada and he is someone who knows a LOT about how successful hockey coaches work.  He has HIMSELF coached at the elite level and he joined Laura Di Battista?

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CBC Talks Goaltending Development

CBC Talks Goaltending Development with Larry Sadler – Asking Is There a Shortage of Young Goaltenders in Hockey?

CBC Cornerbrook talked goaltending development with Larry Sadler asking whether fewer young hockey players are choosing to be goaltenders, and what that could mean for the state of goaltending development in Canada.

Here’s our conversation with long-time goaltending coach Larry Sadler.

CBC Interview with Larry Sadler


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Why Are Canadian Goalie Numbers Down?

Looking at the decline in Canadian goalie numbers in the NHL. (Originally entitled “The State of Canadian Goaltending Development” as it appeared as an inGoal Magazine article). It is reprinted here with updates as of Jan 15th, 2012

When we examine Canadian goalie development today we are confronted with the reality of declining numbers.

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Getting Your Goalies Working Together

Perhaps the greatest and most overlooked aspect of any successful team is getting your goalies working together, to properly develop an effective goaltender tandem.

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