Back From Finland With The Latest Goaltending Drills

In June 2012 I traveled to Finland to teach and learn at June’s Goaliepro Camp in Helsinki, Finland. As always, I came back with all of the latest goaltending theories and drills that will give any goaltender a competitive edge.

Below are a few photos.

Goaltending Coach Larry Sadler In Finland At Goaliepro Camp.

Larry Sadler chatting with Travis Harrington, in charge of Saskatchewan’s goaltending development at the Goaliepro Camp in Helsinki, Finland – June 2012

Goaltending Coach Larry Sadler At Goaliepro Camp in Finland.

Larry conferring with KHL pro goalie, Bernd Bruckler, at the Goaliepro Camp in Finland – June 2012

Goaltending Coach Larry Sadler In Helsinki, Finland

Finnish national team goalie legend and former Zurich Lions goalie, Ari Sulo Sulander, working with Larry at the Goaliepro Camp in Finland – June 2012

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